Who to See at Sketchfest

Once again, San Francisco’s annual Sketchfest comedy festival is upon us, and once again the options for mirth, merriment, and contented confusion are endless. Like arriving at a Cineplex with no earthly idea what film you want to see, trying to decide among the 200 shows taking place over the next three weeks can be […]

Comedy Machine to pump out the laughs in Oakland

“In 90 minutes, we go from eight comedians to one champion,” explains Ira Summer, host and producer of Comedy Machine. “By forcing them to do these short sets they know they have to get laughs really fast, so they have to bring their best material. From the comedian perspective, it helps to perfect your material […]

Laugh Tracks

October 30th, 2014 It’s all over town –well, two towns. And with women and men, straight and gay performing, the inaugural brings five nights of naughty laughs and revelry. Most are 21 and over, with no drink minimum, and plenty of mature content (so hire a sitter and keep the kids at home). Here’s the […]

Google frowns, but jokes fly at ‘Roast of a Techie’

Monday, April 14, 2014 SF Croncle Reviews Cheryl’s Event at the Playland Bar in San Francisco, Calif. A public roast of Google Techies was huge success and writer Ellen Huet covers the event. http://www.sfgate.com/technology/article/Google-frowns-but-jokes-fly-at-Roast-of-a-5399673.php#photo-6160440

“Would you like Balls with that”

By Devin Holt Wednesday, Feb 12 2014 SF Weekly gives you a preview in the the “Estrogen Entree with a Side of Balls” comedy Show and warns you “you’ll laugh till you bleed,” Follow the link button to read more http://www.sfweekly.com/2014-02-12/calendar/would-you-like-balls-with-that/full/