Meet the Woman Behind the Mic


Cheryl White hails from Berkeley California by way of Humboldt County, where she was a high school English teacher amongst gun-toting marijuana growers. Now a full-time comedian and single lady, she shares stories about her present and past experiences peppering them with sassy commentary.

Cheryl is the creator and host of DateTalk (on iTunes and KGPC 96.9 FM radio), where she’s looking for love and broadcasting the leftovers. As a bountiful redhead with can’t-miss jokes, she leaves her audiences slightly confused, a little smarter and definitely satisfied.

Cheryl has been featured in festivals such as San Francisco’s  Sketchfest, Eagle Rock Comedy Festival (LA) and the Savage Henry Comedy Festival (Humboldt). She has performed at venues on both coasts including the LA Comedy Store, SF Cobb’s Comedy Club, Throckmorton Theatre, SF Punchline and in Las Vegas at the Sapphire Lounge, the world’s largest gentlemen’s club. She advised the strippers there to get nude photos taken sooner rather than later.